April’s 3 hot topics for home-improvement brands

We’re finding the loneliest color, the hottest improvements, and the stickiest paint commercial.
by The Drill Down Team on April 30, 2024

A generational standoff is hampering the housing market — and limiting buyers' options

It's fairly common for brands to share their color of the year, but in 2024, Sherwin-Williams is also announcing their least popular color, which they've officially titled "The Loneliest Color." Yes, that's right—they've done the research and figured out what their least purchased and least sampled paint color is, and the answer might surprise you. It's called Kingdom Gold SW6698, and it's a luminous hue that has notes of goldenrod and mustard. More here: (Source)

18 hallway paint colors that bring this space to life

It's easy for hallway paint colors to be an afterthought, with many homeowners defaulting to a bland neutral. But the shades you choose for these transitional spaces are just as important as the ones you choose for your living areas and bedrooms. The right neutrals add warmth and highlight architectural details; the best brights add a burst of personality to an otherwise forgettable corridor; and the deepest darks overpower a lack of natural light. More here: (Source)

7 pink paint colors that belong on your exterior, from berry crush to modern love

When you picture a pink facade, the sorbet-hued row houses that line the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, or La Maison Rose in Paris’s Montmartre neighborhood will likely come to mind. Even the fictional kind (yes, we’re referring to Barbie’s Dreamhouse) might cross your imagination. But what if we told you that pink can absolutely read like a neutral on a house’s exterior—it all just comes down to the swatch. More here: (Source)

The S/M Take: 

Let’s be honest. The Drill Down has a bit of “Color of the Year” fatigue. Sometimes, frankly, we see a red door and we want to paint it black. So when the paint world grew a sense of humor and began to show unpopular colors, colors sentenced to hallways-only, and all the pinks you can paint… well, we were here for the killer creativity. So enjoy our brief journey into paint anarchy.

These 10 features can help sell your home for more money, Zillow finds

The selling price of your home is based on a variety of factors, including location and comparable homes in the area. While it’s important to check your feelings at the door to avoid making emotional decisions, like overpricing your house, there are certain features that can make the home more desirable to buyers.

According to Amanda Pendleton, home trends expert at Zillow, there are ten home features that can help to sell your home for more than expected. More here: (Source)

The S/M Take: 

The bottom line on paint is indeed, the bottom line. This Zillow Top 10, along with nearly every hot list, cites the price boost of fresh paint. But for those home sellers who just can’t be bothered with a glow-up, this savvy business can do it all for you.

And speaking of hot lists, they don’t come any more incendiary than our very own KBIS Trend Report (and yes, color is featured prominently). Get yours here.

BEHR paint's latest ad is a Beethoven-inspired earworm

Apologies in advance: TBWA’s latest for BEHR Paint may get stuck in your head. The brand’s latest bid to be “the ultimate DIY coach” features its spin on Beethoven’s 5th symphony (“BEHR BEHR BEHR BEHR BEHR”) in a new campaign called “BEHRtoven.” More here: (Source)

The S/M Take: 

Despite our suave journalistic persona, deep inside The Drill Down we’re just a bunch of advertising geeks. And game knows game – we love this Behr :30 spot. Give it a click, it’ll give you a smile.

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