February’s 3 hot topics for home improvement brands

The burden of regret, the illusion of luxury, and the promise of sustainability. So emotional.
by The Drill Down Team on February 27, 2024

With the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builders' Show right around the corner, we’re talking kitchens, baths, and builders. Because… obviously.

7 'home improvements' you’ll likely regret…

These home improvements might sound good on paper, but you’re probably going to regret doing them.

While most home improvement projects yield generally positive results — increased home values, more usable spaces, improved enjoyment of the property — there are a few so-called “improvements” that you will probably regret no matter how well-executed they are. More here: (Source)

…And one you won’t

It’s where your partner does his best thinking (or Wordle-ing). Where you go for five minutes of peace as your kids shout, “What are you doing in there?!” from the other side of the door. Etsy has proclaimed 2024 as the year of the statement bathroom, based on search data, and we’re here to say: It’s about time. More here: (Source)

The S/M Take: 

Ahhh, regret. The most powerful* human emotion after love. But who among us has not looked back at a project and said, “Yeah, I woulda done a couple things differently.”

Simply put, design is not an exact craft. The best defense against regret? Deep, thoughtful communication with clients up front about how they really use their spaces. Which may be very different from what they currently love from the home shows… and may regret later.

*not a scientific fact

The designer-approved tricks to make your kitchen look more luxe

You don't need to go through a kitchen revamp to make your kitchen feel more luxe. Even the most budget, cookie-cutter kitchens have the potential to look more expensive than they are.

To get an idea of how best to do this, we've spoken to the kitchen experts, asking each of them to offer up their top tips. The overarching takeaway in their answers points towards more expressive interiors in the modern kitchen, from decorative touches, mixed metals, and furniture that flies the flag for craftsmanship in the kitchen, while considering key elements like storage and decluttering tactics (less glamorous, but crucial nonetheless for a space that feels elegant). Here are their 9 good-to-know tips. More here: (Source)

The S/M Take: 

With interest rates remaining stubbornly high, The Drill Down appreciates a common-sense approach to updating the heart of the home. Faucets, lighting, countertops and hardware – not cheap, by any means, but the impact is outsized and worthwhile.

That said, if we’re swinging hammers and opening pocketbooks, then let’s talk cabinets. There’s a rising vibe this year called “Streamlined,” and it’s clean, cool, and modern. Best of all, research indicates it may drive cabinet-industry growth.

The maze of decisions to build a sustainable home

Sustainable home construction goes beyond energy-efficient appliances and green materials. True sustainability starts before the construction even begins, with careful planning and thoughtful decisions. You can lay the foundation for an eco-friendly home by considering various factors in the early stages. More here: (Source)

EDPs, and why construction brands should know ‘em

With more and more focus on sustainability within construction and the whole life cycle of a building, engineers and specifiers are often looking for ways to evidence sustainability. Could Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) be the answer? More here: (Source)

The S/M Take: 

New research indicates that sustainable construction is one of the hottest growth opportunities in the business. And honestly, one of the most anxiety-inducing. After all, change is hard. We like to work with the materials and techniques we know and trust. 

But friends, the times they are a-changin.’ Our current generation of customers may not demand sustainability-first, but the rising ones have a different world-view. And when both brands and builders strive to meet it, it can actually be a growth accelerant.

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