Case Study: The Synergy™ PRO Hose Launch

Uncoiling the Power of Social & Influencer Marketing


Is It Possible to Love Your Garden Hose?


  • Competitive Audits
  • Media Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Social & Digital Campaign
  • Influencer Campaign
Teknor Apex had truly built a better mousetrap. With 100 years of innovation under their belt, they had engineered virtually every annoyance out of the common garden hose.

And hardly anyone knew about it.

Simon/Myers had a fix for that. We huddled with TA to gain a deep understanding of their new high-tech hose, the Synergy™ PRO. We learned that homeowners lacked awareness of specific hose brands, marketing overlooked common hose issues like kinks and leaks, and gardening influencers were underutilized.

We charted a paid social campaign with an ambitious awareness goal of 20 million impressions. But peak gardening season was approaching fast. It was go time.





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Flexible media plan, meet watertight messaging

Although Teknor Apex had asked for a social campaign, we wanted to ensure they met their impressions goal. We recommended a flexible plan that included display advertising as well. This way, if one platform underperformed, funds could shift. Our strategy targeted homeowners (Facebook, Instagram) and landscaping pros (LinkedIn). With the media plan set, our discovery process revealed an unexpected message:

Forget about it.

Forget garden hose hassles. Forget about frequent replacements. Forget about all of it, and just use it. Our assets for social and display featured “the hose you can reliably forget about,” with bold headlines like “All hose, no hassle.”

A Flood of Influence

Next, we complemented the social and display work with an influencer campaign on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The strategy tapped into a range of creators, from a quirky Gen Z garden enthusiast, to a grandmotherly home gardener, to a Gen X landscape pro.

These influencer videos were met with a steady stream of positive comments — and these partnerships have the potential to grow into long-term TA brand advocates.

Full Video by Ryan Knorr Lawn Care here

Results? Dare say, it made a splash

Just a few months in, the social-focused campaign had garnered more than 23 million impressions — 3 million more than goal. The initial upper funnel campaign achieved a $4.86 CPM, while the lower funnel follow-up achieved a 1.49% CTR and 15,947 total site visits. And the influencer content? 6,374 engagements, with an engagement rate of 3.07% and a $1.96 cost per engagement across 6 influencers.
Apparently, you can fall in love with your garden hose.

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