Creating a New Spa Water Treatment Brand


Jumping into water treatment with both feet.


  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Style Tiles
  • Package Design
When you purchase a spa, you discover soon enough it’s about more than relaxing. It’s also about upkeep, which includes treating the water so it’s clean and safe. While water treatment brands do their best to set themselves apart, water treatment customers are brand-neutral at best. In their minds, the less they have to think about water treatment, the better.

Despite these challenges, Sigura had achieved a strong market position in water treatment for home pools. However, they struggled to achieve the same for home spas. As part of their master brand strategy, they were looking to create a new spa water treatment brand from the ground up – a dream assignment for an agency like Simon/Myers, and an ideal match for our end-to-end marketing capabilities.




Our process began with full category immersion.

Before building the new brand architecture, we conducted initial discovery and data development phases, which included interpreting existing category data and doing original qualitative research. Armed with the resulting insights, we then conducted two client workshops, where we built the brand foundation together.

Based on this collaborative foundation, we knew what our ensuing identity work needed to communicate: “Born out of the best spa water treatments and expertise available, this innovative new spa chemical brand frees users up to focus on their own wellness experience through the restorative waters of their spa.”

How we played the name game.

From our competitive creative audits, we knew spa users prefer packaging (and names) that communicated relaxation, stress relief, and me time. This was followed closely by the communication of effectiveness and innovation.

So we headed down two clear paths of exploration: names inspired by the feelings of spa use, and names that imply efficacy and ease of use. As we generated names, we grouped them into seven different buckets, including “calming reassurance,” “pro-level power” and “water gods.”

After focus-group testing three finalists, we settled on a name from celtic mythology: Sirona, the goddess of healing springs. Not only is the etymology spot on, but the word “Sirona” is reminiscent of “serene,” aiding its appropriateness.

Can a logo be both relaxing and powerful?

With the name Sirona agreed upon, our designers started bringing it to life. The challenge? To communicate the power and effectiveness of the product and the wellness and calm it represents, two seemingly opposed concepts.

And yet, our design team developed a logo that brings these concepts together beautifully. With its balance of thick and thin lines, the sans serif font they chose is both substantial and delicate. Its subtle curves evoke the movement of water. And the letterforms’ low center of gravity gives the logo the gravitas of a premium brand.

Capturing serenity in a bottle.

For new brands, package design is where the rubber hits the road. If the product on the shelf doesn’t grab customer attention, it can fail before it gets a chance to gain traction. Our team needed to capture serenity in a bottle – and they knew the stakes.

Starting with the mood boards created during the naming stage, they refined their top brand expressions into a single “style tile,” complete with a defined color palette, fonts, textures, and visual direction.

Our final deliverables? 19 distinctive product packages, all available in over 370 stores nationwide. Each features a foil-stamped Sirona logo, embellished with subtly-toned areas of watercolor texture. And every one topped with a wooden cap to imply warmth, comfort and nature.
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